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  • Pop Review: Taylor Swift’s Album “RED” Taylor Swift opens her latest album with a line that is simultaneously a nugget of wisdom and a painful warning from one who has been burned. "Love is a ruthless game unless you play it good and right." It sets the tone for the entire record. "RED" is about the exhilarating feeling of falling fast and deep, all... 2,468 views
  • Fashionista-Viajera: Prettiest and Comfiest Slippers, Havaianas from Brazil Bom dia! While I love a good pair of high heels, there are times when one needs "the magic of slippers." Putting these beach staples on automatically take my feet and mind to chill mode. It reminds me of basking underneath the sun, walking in the sand and strolling along gardens. At the Havaianas store in Sao Paulo,... 1,685 views
  • Fashionista-Viajera: Jewel in the Palace (Korean Queen for a Day) Annyeong-haseyo! When a girl gets a chance to dress up as the dong-ju - Her Royal Highness, Queen of the Korean court, she absolutely doesn't mind that it weighs a tent ;-) With the most likes in my Facebook album ("Wanderlust : A Fashion Photo Blog by Lil' Miss Prim but not Proper"), this is the fan favourite... 1,020 views
  • Fashionista-Viajera: If the Shoe Fits… A Cinderella Moment in Tokyo Disneyland While I'd like to be spared the evil stepsisters and midnight curfew when the carriage turns back into a pumpkin, I certainly wouldn't mind a fairy godmother and glass slippers presented at my feet by a Prince Charming ;-) When I visited the Cinderella Castle at Tokyo Disneyland, my fairytale dream came true...   Presenting one of the... 980 views
  • A Moment with Han: The Little Merman On Saint Patrick's Day, I witnessed Denmark's famous icon The Little Mermaid turn emerald green. By funny coincidence, I came face to face with her boyfriend, in all his silver glory the very next day.   Meet Han, The Little Merman, whose name means "him" in Danish. He sits by the waterfront in Helsingør (or Elsinore as called in English) at... 934 views
  • Fashionista-Viajera: The Indian Saree for my 28th Bollywood Birthday Namaste! I celebrated my 28th birthday in Mumbai, India. While I was there for work (the start of the roll-out of our project), I certainly was not gonna miss out on fun and style! So I had a saree made especially for me as my birthday dress, in blue and orange. Outfit: the Indian saree Description: A sari... 921 views
  • Lil’ Miss Fashionista: How to be a 1920’s Flapper Girl What's a flapper girl, you ask? Flapper = a young, independent lady who speaks her mind and does what she want.  During the "Roaring Twenties" when there was an inclination to be more liberal after going through the war, flapper girls were a sign of the changing times. They're Western women who bobbed their hair, wore short skirts,... 756 views
  • Cope’n’waken: Making a Splash! I kinda suck at sports. Not that I make an effort to try ;-) Let's just say that my talents lie elsewhere. That said, I do like watching a good game or event. Great sportsmanship elicits profound respect from me. I admire top athletes because they possess the right discipline to train and build their... 755 views

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